Mysterious Rose Illness?

by Michelle
(Cincinnati OH)


Hi, this "sickness" affects my knockout's and my new dawn rambler.

What is it???
I can't find anything on line that looks like this.

How can I treat it?
I recently sprayed them with Neem oil... in hopes to help< but eventually this takes all my roses over and they look terrible.

The one pictured, seems like it'll b a goner this year... so much damage in only a few days time...
Thank you so much for your help!


Hello Michelle,
I recognized the problem right away. This is actually not a "sickness".

Your rose is infested with Rose Midges unfortunately.

Rose midges are very tiny hard to spot insects that lay eggs on the flower buds, and new foliage of roses.

When the eggs hatch, the midge larvae start feeding on the rose tissues.

This causes distortion of the rose leaves and darkening of the buds and other affected tissues.

Severe infestation can kill stem tips and flower buds.

Usually, most gardeners don't notice things until the damage gets severe, which you have now.

You can spray with an insecticide labeled for rose midges.

Spraying the soil is the most effective, that's where the larvae reside.

Your rose in your picture looks really bad. You might get rid of it so the insect flies not take over your garden.

Rose midges are not a common thing, but they do occur, and they cause a lot of damage in a very short time.

Most gardeners aren't familiar with how their damage looks.

You need to spray all soil in your garden, because your garden has been invaded by these nasty insects.


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