Names of Roses

A List of Roses Names

The proper names of roses. Who thinks up some of these unusual and wild rose names?

For the most time it's just rose breeders, the people who bred the plant.

The flower names of roses, and how they name that rose, is very important.

The name of the rose will help sell the them, and it will give someone an idea of what it is like.

Sometimes they are named after a famous or favorite person.

Of course, then you have to get the permission from the owner of the name.

But most people would be flattered to have someone name that rose after them.

Most, or all breeders, have patented the name, the common name that is.

Many Old Roses have French names, thanks to Empress Josephine.

Her collection of roses, really launched rose growing as we know it today.

On this page, there is a list of names of roses that are some of the most beloved and popular varieties in the World.

The different kinds of roses names are from a variety of plants.

Some are yellow, there are red, white, pink and even multicolored, and of course lots of hybrid teas as well as wild roses names.


Species Rose Names - Names of Roses

rosa rubignosa

Picture of Rosa rubignosa Species Rose

R.banksiae banksiae Sp. white double, 1807.

R.rugosa alba Sp. white single, 1784.

R.banksiae lutea Sp. light yellow, 1824.

R.rugosa Sp, mauve, before 1846.

R.gallica Sp. deep pink, before 1500.

R.mundi Sp. pink blend, semi-double, before 1581.

R.setigera Sp. deep pink, single, 1810.

R.moschata Sp. white, single to semi-double, 1540.

R.rubrifolia Sp. medium pink, single, 1789.

R.gallica officinales (Apothecary's Rose) Sp. deep pink, semi-double, before 1600.

R.laevigata Sp. white, single, 1803.

R.roxburghii Sp. medium pink, double, before 1814.

R.virginiana Sp. medium pink, single, before 1724.

R.sericea pteracantha Sp. white, single, 1890.

R.rubignosa Sp. pink red blend, single, before 1551.

R.spinosissima Sp. white, single, before 1600.

R.banksiae (Lady Banks Rose), white or yellow, single, before 1794.

Old Garden Roses
Names of Roses

blush noisette rose

Rosa Blush Noisette Old garden Rose

Reve d'Or, Noisette, medium yellow, double, 1869.

Old Red Moss, Moss, red, very double.

Alba Semi-plena, Alba, white, 8-12 petals, before 1754.

Great Maiden's Blush, Alba, white, double, before 1754.

Mme Alfred Carriere, Noisette, white, double, 1879.

Mme Plantier, Alba, white, very double, 1835.

Mutabilis, China, yellow blend, single, before 1894.

Complicata, Hybrid Gallica, pink blend, single.

Louis Philippe, China, red blend, double, 1834.

Madame Hardy, Damask, white, very full, 1832.

Rosa Blush, Noisette, pale pink, 1814.

Marchesa Boccella, Hybrid Perpetual, light pink, double, 1842.

Cramoisi Superieur, China, medium red, double, 1832.

Ispahan, Damask, medium pink, double, before, 1832.

Lamarque, Noisette, white, double, 1830.

Mme Zoetmans, Damask, white, very full, 1830.

Old Blush, China, medium pink, semi-double, 1751.

Rose de Rescht, Portland, deep pink, very double, about 1880.

Souv de la Malmaison, Bourbon, light pink, double, 1843.

Alain Blanchard, Hybrid Gallica, mauve, semi-double, 1839.

Alba Maxima, Alba, white, double, before 1867.

Ards Rover, Climbing Hybrid Perpetual, dark red, double, 1898.

Celsiana, Damask, light pink, semi-double, before 1817.

Cesonie, Moss, deep pink, double, 1859.

Crested Moss, Moss, medium pink, very full, 1827.

Felicite Parmentier, Alba, light pink, very full, before 1816.

Nastarana, Noisette, white, semi-double, 1879.


Hybrid Teas & Grandifloras - Names of Roses

double delight rose

Double Delight Hybrid Tea Rose

Irish Elegance, Hybrid Tea, orange blend, 5 petals, 1905.

Touch of Class, Hybrid Tea, orange pink, 25-35 petals, 1985.

Dainty Bess, Hybrid Tea, light pink, single, 1935.

Elina, Hybrid Tea, light yellow, 30-35 petals, 1984.

Olympiad, Hybrid Tea, medium red, 30-35 petals, 1983.

Kardinal, Hybrid Tea, medium red, 30-35 petals, 1986.

Marijke Koopman, Hybrid Tea, medium pink, 25 petals, 1980.

Pristine,Hybrid Tea, white, 28-35 petals, 1977.

Silver Jubilee, Hybrid Tea, pink blend, 30-35 petals, 1977.

Baronne Edmond se Rothschild, Hybrid Tea, red blend, 40 petals, 1970.

Captain Thomas, Climbing Hybrid Tea, light yellow, single, 1935.

Double Delight, Hybrid Tea, red blend, 30-35 petals, 1976.

Earth Song, Grandiflora, deep pink, 25-30 petals, 1976.

Gemini, Hybrid Tea, pink blend, 25-30 petals, 1999.

Gold Medal, Grandiflora, medium yellow, 30-35 petals, 1981.

Gruss an Coburg, Hybrid Tea, apricot blend, full, 1927.

Louise Estes, Hybrid Tea, pink blend, 35 petals, 1991.

Mister Lincoln, Hybrid Tea, dark red, 35 petals, 1965.

Mrs Oakley Fisher, Hybrid Tea, deep yellow, single, 1921.

Moonstone, Hybrid Tea, white, full, 1998.

Veteran's Honor, Hybrid Tea, dark red, 25-30 petals, 1999.

Elizabeth Taylor, Hybrid Tea, deep pink, 30-35 petals, 1986.

Etoile de Hollande, Climbing Hybrid Tea, medium red, double, 1931.

Fame, Grandiflora, deep pink, 30-35 petals, 1998.

Folklore, Hybrid Tea, orange blend, 44 petals, 1976.

George Dickson, Hybrid Tea, medium red, 36 petals, 1912.

Henry Ford, Hybrid Tea, medium pink, 30 petals, 1954.

Kathleen Mills, Hybrid Tea, pink blend, semi-double, 1934.

Mother of Pearl, Grandiflora, light pink, 22-25 petals, 2007.

Smooth Prince, Hybrid Tea, medium red, 26-28 petals, 1990.

Queen Elizabeth, Grandiflora, medium pink, 38 petals, 1954.

Floribundas and Polyanthas, Names of Roses

iceberg rose

Iceberg Floribunda Rose

Lullaby, Polyantha, white, 75 petals, 1953.

Marie Pavie, Polyantha, white, double, 1888.

Mrs R. M. Finch, Polyantha, medium pink, double, 1923.

Hannah Gordon, Floribunda, pink blend, 20-25 petals, 1984.

Orange Morsdag, Polyantha, orange blend, double, 1958.

Poulsen's Pearl, Floribunda, light pink, 5 petals, 1949.

The Fairy, Polyantha, light pink, double, 1932.

La Marne, Polyantha, pink blend, single, 1915.

Lavaglut, Floribunda, dark red, 24 petals, 1079.

Sexy Rexy, Floribunda, medium pink, very full, 1985.

Stadt den Helder, Floribunda, medium red, 20 petals, 1982.

Travemunde, Floribunda, medium red, double, 1970.

White Pet, Polyantha, white, double, 1979.

Escapade, Floribunda, mauve, double, 1967.

Iceberg, Floribunda, white, 2025 petals 1959.

Mlle Cecile Brunner, Climbing Polyantha, light pink, 1894.

Perle d'Or, Polyantha, yellow blend, very full, 1875.

Phyllis Bide, Climbing Polyantha, yellow blend, semi-double, 1923.

Playboy, Floribunda, red blend, single, 1976.

Super Hero, Floribunda, medium red, double, 2008.

Bridal White, Floribunda, white, double, 1972.

Europeana, Floribunda, dark red, 25-30 petals, 1964.

Climbing Iceberg, Climbing Floribunda, white, 20-25 petals, 1968.

Lady Ann Kidwell, Polyantha, deep pink, double, 1948.

Lady of the Dawn, Floribunda, light pink, semi-double, 1984.

Pink Revelation, Floribunda, light pink, 1980.

Playgirl, Floribunda, medium pink, single, 1986.

Playtime, Floribunda, orange red, 5 petals, 1990.

Sunsprite, Floribunda, deep yellow, 25-30 petals, 1973.

Climbers - Names of Roses
Large Flowering Climbers

blaze rose

Blaze Climbing Rose

Casa Blanca, white, semi-double, 1968.

Demokracie, dark rted, double, 1935.

Royal Sunset, apricot blend, 20 petals, 1960.

Clair Matin, medium pink, 15 petals, 1962.

Sombreuil, white, very full, about 1880.

Newport Fairy, Hybrid Wichurana Climber, pink blend, single, 1908.

Altissimo, medium red, 7 petals, 1966.

City of York, white, 15 petals, 1945.

Dublin Bay, medium red, 25 petals, 1976.

New Dawn, light pink, 35-40 petals, 1930.

Compassion, orange pink, 36 petals, 1973.

Rosarium Uetersen, deep pink, very full, 1977.

Belle Portugaise, Hybrid Gigantea Climber, light pink, semi-double, 1903.

Pierre de Ronsard, pink blend, 40-55 petals, 1985.

Colette, medium pink, 135 petals, 1996.

Blaze, medium red, 20-25 petals, 10932.

Alberic Barbier, Hybrid Wichurana Climber, white, double, 1900.

America, orange pink, 43 petals, 1975.

Don Juan, dark red, 30-35 petals, 1958.

Fourth of July, red blend, 1016 petals, 1999.

Morning Magic, light pink, single, 2007.

Parade, deep pink, 33 petals, 1953.

Zephirine Drouhin, medium pink, 25-30 petals, 1868.

Rhonda, medium pink, double, 1967.

Casino, light yellow, double, 1963.

Galway Bay, orange pink, 20 petals, 1966.

Harlekin, pink blend, full, 2006.

Pink Perpetual, medium pink, 32 petals, 1965.

Winner's Circle, dark red, single, 2007.

Shrub Roses - Names of Roses

Dortmund, Hybrid Kordesii, medium red, single, 1955.

Surrey, light pink, semi-double, 1985.

Knockout, red blend, single, 1999.

Immense, light pink, single, 1983.

Lyda Rose, white, single, 19994.

Sally Holmes, white, single, 1976.

William Baffin, deep pink, 20 petals, 1983.

Henry Hudson, white, 25 petals, 1977.

John Cabot, medium red, 40 petals, 1978.

Magnifica, dark red, full, 1907.

Nevada, white, single, 1927.

Golden Wings, light yellow, single, 1953.

John Davis, medium pink, 40 petals, 1986.

Morgenrot, red blend, single, 1986.

Pearl Meidiland, light pink, semi-double, 28-32 petals, 1989.

Penelope, light pink, semi-double, 1924.

Roseraie de l'Hay, dark red, double, 1901.

Tausendschoen, pink blend, double, 1906.

Belindas, medium pink, semi-double, 1936.

Ballerina, medium pink, single, 1937.

Carefree Beauty, medium pink, 15-20 petals, 1979.

Cornelia, pink blend, double, 1979.

Heidelberg, medium red, 32 petals, 1959.

Jens Munk, medium pink, 25 petals, 1977.

Pink Meidiland, pink blend, 5 petals, 1985.

Prosperity, white, semidouble, 1919.

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