Nearly Wild Rose

nearly wild rose

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Information on Nearly Wild rose, fertilizing, disease, and when and how to prune the shrub rose 'Nearly Wild'.

The 'Nearly Wild' shrub rose can withstand and survive a New England winter. It's that hardy!

The 'Nearly Wild' rose plant, and especially it's flowers do actually resemble a wild rose.

If you are looking for a compact low growing rose bush, that flowers almost perpetually, this rose would be great.

It's a Wichurana shrub rose with leaves that seems to be immune to all diseases, so you don't have to worry about spraying against rose disease. I think you'll love that!

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The picture above really shows how pretty the flowers are on this compact easy to grow rose plant. 'Nearly Wild' rose fertilizing is also easy, as you should Fertilize this Rose the same as any shrub rose.

How To Prune 'Nearly Wild' Rose

This is a shrub rose, so you should prune these 'Nearly Wild' roses accordingly. For complete instructions on when and how to prune shrub roses, click on this link Pruning Shrub Roses and follow those easy pruning tips.

nearly wild rose

Picture Of 'Nearly Wild' Roses Growing In A Narrow Flower Bed

The 'Nearly Wild' bushy growth habit makes it so easy to plant in a smaller garden or a narrow flower bed such as in the picture above.

However, I would add some companion plants to these pink rose bushes. 'Nearly Wild' planted with blue flowers would look lovely. Low growing annuals such as Blue Lobelias and Blue Pansies would look fabulous in front and under these roses.

The cluster-flowered blooms have a light sweet scent, and the flowering is almost continuous all the way until frost. Zones 4-9, Height 2 feet (60cm), Width 2.7 feet.


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