New Dawn Climbing Rose

by Dan Kline
(Richmond, VA)

New Dawn in 2006

New Dawn in 2006

New Dawn in 2006
Disease close up
Diseaseed area

QUESTION: I have a New Dawn climber that looks like it's dying. What is this disease and what do I do?

I have two New Dawn climbing roses on the corner of my house.

I planted them in 2001 to help provide shade for the kitchen area of the house.

Last year I began to notice a disease. I sprayed like crazy but no good.

This spring a large portion of two huge plants is affected.

I am attaching some pictures.

Please give me a strategy for control and rejuvenation of these two wonderful rose plants.
Dan Kline
Richmond, VA
Growing zone 7a

ANSWER: Hi Dan! I am not exactly sure about the problem with the New Dawn rose.

I have one myself in Los Angeles.

My first impression is that one of the older main canes has died.

Don't panic, this is actually normal, because old canes eventually loose the ability to flower and then die.

I don't know how you have pruned your climbing rose.

But every few years, when you notice a cane is doing badly, you should remove at the base, the oldest and least producing long cane.

This will help the climber grow new long main canes that will produce lots of blooms.

Also remove any dead and spindly criss-crossed stems. This will promote air circulation that rose bushes need.

After pruning, add a good amount of organic compost to the base of the rose.

Wait until you see new foilage starting to grow before giving it a good dose of rose fertilizer.

Always water before and after feeding.

Be sure to read my page about pruning climbing roses. My New Dawn rose is pictured there.
Best Regards,

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