New Growth Of Our Climber

by Wes Barry
(Wichita Falls, TX)

QUESTION: We hired a guy who said he could do our landscaping.

He first hit all our climbers and cut the lower canes off.

Said they were laying on the ground. They were still to short to train.

What do we do? They have been in a year.

Should we cover the cut limbs with mulch?

Please your advice. They were full of blooms.

ANSWER: Hi Wes! Sorry to hear about your climber being butchered.

I sure hope you don't use that guy again.

Do not cover the cut limbs with mulch.

There is really nothing to do now. Just provide water and do mulch around the rose base.

It will take a year or two for the climber to grow new flowering canes.

So this is a set back for the climbing rose.

Climbing roses should not have their long canes cut for several years.

And then, you would only cut out one or two of the least productive canes at the base, leaving others intact.
Best Regards,


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