New Rose Varieties

New Rose Collection

Check out the latest new rose varieties that are shapelier and much more disease resistant than ever.

Here are my favorite new release roses that are widely available now.

Plus I will give you tips for the best ways to use them in your garden.

This new rose collection pictured on this page include 5 winners of the All-American Rose Selection (AARS).

The AARS winners are not only good roses for landscaping, but they are excellent choices, with proven performance in two year trails.

During the trails, the new rose plants are grown without fungicides.

The jurors vote for the best varieties by secret ballot and are instructed to give disease-resistance high priority.

New Rose Collection

hot cocoa rose 'Hot Cocoa' Rose A new hardy floribunda rose from Weeks Roses, bears deep rust-colored buds, which opens to smoky, chocolate-orange blooms that appear lighter in hot weather.

Foilage is glossy, deep green, and disease-resistant. The plant is an AARS winner.

julia child rose Julia Child Rose A floribunda rose that bears buttery yellow blooms.

The anice fragrance is very delightful.

The plant has a rounded growth habit and is very disease resistant.

In fact, I have never seen any disease on it in my own garden here in Los Angeles.

It is an AARS winner as well.

fourth of july climber Fourth of July Climber A spectacular climber with red and white striped flowera.

This climber blooms along the lenght of its canes.

Big sprays of semidouble flowers in various combinations of red and white, some are striped, and some are splotched with red.

An AARS winning climbing rose.

betty boop rose Betty Boop Rose A floribunda with fruit-scented, semidouble flowers of yellow-ivery edged in red.

The rounded shaped bush reblooms without deadheading.

However, I recommend deadheading because it makes the rose bush look more attractive and clean.

An AARS winner>

about face rose About Face Grandiflora

A grandiflora with bronzy red petals on the outside and golden-orange in the inside<.

The flowers smell like fresh cut apples, very nice scent.

It has an upright growth habit.

An AARS winner.

baby blanket rose Baby Blanket Rose Pink-flowered baby blanket shrub roses are shown growing in a flower border.

They are miniature rose bushes that look great in front of border as shown in the picture here.


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