No Buds On Cecile Brunner climbing Rose.

by Anita
(Fayetteville, Arkansas)

QUESTION: There are no Bbuds or blooms on my Cecile Brunner climbing rose..

Last year my daughter purchased a one gallon Cecile Brunner Climber in San Diego,Calif and brought it to me.

I live in the North West corner of Arkansas.

The rose has been in the ground for one year.

I expected abundant buds this spring but the new growth has nothing but healthy looking green growth.
What could the problem be?

Thanking you sincerely in advance of your reply.
ANSWER: Hi Anita! There is nothing wrong with your Cecile Brunner climbing rose.

It was started as 1 gallon rose, and has been in the ground for one year.

Climbing roses will take a couple of years before growing lateral flowering shoots.

Right now the Cecile Brunner rose is using all its energy for building long base canes from where the lateral flower shoots will grow.

This will take one season. You might have some blooms this summer, but the real flowering show will come next year.

Give the rose some rose food and regular watering.

After about 4 years, remove a couple of the oldest base canes (long ones) at the base of the rose, using a pruning saw.

This will encourage the Cecile Brunner rose to grow new base canes that will flower with abundance.

Older base canes stop flowering production after getting old.

Here is my page about the Cecile Brunner climbing rose.
Best Regards,

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