No Foilage On Roses

by Kay Dugi
(Pima, Az USA)

QUESTION: We live in Arizona and have recently planted 5 bare root roses. All still have green stems but no foliage. Our older roses are blooming and very lush. Any suggestions?
Thanks Kay Dugi
ANSWER: Hello Kay,
The reason your roses don't have any foilage yet is that they are busy growing feeder roots. Did you soak the bare root roses roots in a bucket of water overnight before planting them?
If you didn't do that, the rose will take a lot longer to grow feeder roots.
Keep in mind that a plant needs to grow below, before it can grow above.
Feeder roots are crucial, because without them the rose will be unable to take up nutrients from the soil.
Why don't you scratch in some Epson Salt around the roses, about half a cup or so.
Be sure to water deeply so it reaches the roots after the application of epson salts.
Do not feed the roses until you see foilage emerging from the canes.
Best Regards,

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