No More Rose Blooms

by Michelle
(North Las Vegas)


I live in North Las Vegas. I purchased a rose and placed it in a container last year.

Had multiple blooming, average size flowers. Protected in winter, pruned and fertilized.

Had SPECTACULAR bloom (32 of them).

We have had terrific winds here and petals were blown off.

Since then, I have had nothing.

There is no evidence of new shoots and it has been nearly a month. I have fertilized again. What can be going on?


Hello Michelle,
The winds most likely dried out the rose. Loss of moisture, is very damaging for roses and they stop flower production in order to survive.

Next time the weatherman forecast wind warnings, place your potted rose in a sheltered place or move it indoors.

Potted containers should have the soil replaced every spring.
So if you haven't replaced the soil, buy some good quality potting soil for roses such as Miracle Gro soil, and repot the rose.

There is no reason to fertilize now since the rose is still trying to recover from the damaging drying winds.

Your rose will recover, but be careful when wind warnings are issued.
Your pictures are great. Thank you!
Best Regards,

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