No Rose Blooms This Year

by Diane Richter
(Milwaukee, WI)

Question: I covered my roses up last winter.

This spring the leaves had brown red shade.

Plant grew new branches the leaves were only on the tops and I did not get one Rose.

I'm from Milwaukee Wi.

What can I do next year?

My Roses receive about 5 hrs of sun.

Never had a problem before.

The rose plants are 22 yrs old .Do rose bushes get to old ?

Answer: I don't have all the information I need to give you a correct answer.

However, you can figure it out by my own questions to you.

The rose is 22 years old. Did you prune off the oldest canes at the base every few years?

The oldest rose canes stop producing after a few years.

So in order to encourage the rose to grow new productive canes, the old ones have to be removed at the base on a regular basis.

Eventually an old rose has no new canes, and the old ones are worn out and won't produce any more blooms.

Is this the scenario?

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