Old Garden Roses

Old Fashioned Roses
Growing Old Roses

Old garden roses, such as the old Blush Rose, are antique roses, also known as old fashioned roses, or old shrub roses.

Old roses, besides their charm, beauty and incredible fragrance, are also very tough, so growing old roses is very easy.

So if you like to create an antique rose garden, go right ahead and plant some in your garden.

These old garden roses, once they were established, flourished and survived on old homesites and cemetaries for centuries, without any care at all.

Old roses thrived with no garden hoses, sprinkler systems, or spraying. They also survived climate extremes, such as drought, heat waves and blizzards.

Another remarkable thing about old antique roses is their inherent beauty of form, which makes them very useful as attractive landscape plants.

The color of old garden roses are more muted than that of modern hybrid tea roses, that tend to be more of a pastel color.

Types Of Old Garden Roses

garden roses Gallica Roses:

La Belle Sultane, a gallica rose. The R. gallica roses originate from an European and western Asian old rose group.

They have semi-single red rose blooms.

Gallica roses are known as the finest of the old garden roses. They flower once in summer.

old garden 
roses Damask Roses:

Celsiana damask rose.

They originated from Damascus, hence their name.

The Summer Damasks, flower only once during summer.

They are a cross between the Gallica roses and R.phoenicea.

Another cross between Gallica roses and R. moschata produced the Autumn Damasks, which at the time were the only garden roses to repeat bloom twice.

garden roses Centefolia, (or Province) Roses:

Cabbage rose is a Centefolia rose.

They were raised by Dutch hybridists during the 17th century.

These 100 petaled roses can be seen in the great Dutch flower paintings of that period.

Centifolias flower once in the summer

old garden 
roses Moss Roses:

Andrewsii Moss Rose.

They are an aberation from Centifolia roses fromthe 17th century.

Moss Roses areeasy to identify for their mossy excrescence on their stems and sepals.

They are once-flowering.

old garden 
roses Alba Roses:

Alba Maxima rose.

Albas are known as the white roses. But some varieties have a pale pink hue.

They are once-flowering shrub roses with bluish green foilage.

The famous White Rose Of York is an Alba rose.

old garden 
roses China Roses

Louis Phillipe China Rose.

Four types of these extremely important group of old roses were brought in from China and eastern Asia during the 18th and 19th centuries.

What was so special about the China Roses was that they repeat flowered through out the whole summer into fall.

The China roses eventually ended up as the modern garden roses of today.

old garden roses Tea Roses:

Etoile de Lyon tea rose.

This group of old roses originated from two tea scented China Roses.

Tea Roses are a whole new breed of repeat-flowering old roses with beautiful and graceful rose blooms.

They are cold tender and are only suited for warmer climates such as the US southern states and California.

old garden roses Rose de Rescht, a Portland rose.

This old rose group is named for the Duchess of Portland.

They are a repeat-flowering cross between Gallicas, Damasks, Centifolias and China roses.

garden roses Bourbon Roses:

Souvenir de la Malmaison Bourbon rose.

The Bourbons were the very first repeat flowering roses that were created from the China Roses.

The cross creation happened originally on the Ile de Bourbon in the Indian Ocean, which gave them their name.

garden roses Hybrid Perpetial Roses:

Baronne Prevost rose.

A group of Old Garden Roses that resulted from a intensive open field cultivation hybridization.

Hybrid Perpetials were the most popular class of roses in Victorian England.

They were all derived from the Bourbon roses.

garden roses Sweet Briar Roses:

These old garden roses originate from the late 19th century.

Created from R.eglanteria, Sweet Briar roses only bloom once and are mostly admired for their applescented leaflets.

old garden 
roses Noisette Roses

The adorable Noisette roses were develpoed by Philippe Noisette of Charleston, South Carolina.

He later moved to France, where he also intoduced them.

In the US these old roses are known as roses for the south.

garden roses Ayrshire Roses:

Splendens Arvensis Ayrshire rose.

A group of old rambler rosesthat came from R. arvensis, a trailing rose species of European hedge roses.

These rambler roses do not repeat flower.

garden roses Laevigata Roses:

Cheroke Laevigata rose.

Characterized by dark green leaves and big hooked thorns.

They are indigenous to the southern part of the United States.

These roses originate from a small group of old roses from China.

They are semi-rambling and once-flowering.

garden roses Sempervirens Roses:

A small group of once-blooming roses that are descendants of R.sempervirens.

Most people know it as an evergreen rose

All Sempervirens have the ability to hold their foilage in winter.


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