Once healthy Rose Has Muutated Growth and Stunted Buds

by Laura Aguirre
(Charlotte, NC)

Stunted new red growth

Stunted new red growth

QUESTION: I live in North Carolina--Charlotte region.

I have four potted miniature rose varieties on my back deck.

All do great. Suddenly about a month and a half ago, one of them started having "deformed" new growth.

The leaves remain small and "shriveled" looking...buds are stunted and don't open fully.

It's the only one of four that has this condition.

No chemicals or other treatment was done to this one that wasn't also done to the other three pots over the summer. Any insight?

ANSWER: Hi Laura! Sorry for this late reply.

I do think your rose has been infested my Rose Thrips.

They are super tiny,, very hard to see insects, that suck the juice from buds flowers and leaves.

You should spray with a Thrips control from Ortho.

If the infestaion is very severe, you might consider dumping the plant, so it wont infect others.
Best Regards,

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