Orange Roses

orange roses

Salmon Colored Roses

Orange roses, unique orange roses and varieties such as roses in tangerine color, salmon colored roses are very popular now, as are apricot colored roses and tropical fruit colored varieties.

Lots of gardeners wants to plant roses with the these shades and are looking for the perfect beautiful coral salmon unique roses for their garden.

I heard that Oprah is very fond of roses with this color and have planted several in her garden at Santa Barbara California.

Unique Roses

One red yellow rose variety that is extremely popular is the Josephs Coat Rose a dazzling fruit colored rose plant that is actually a small climber.

This rose produces lots of multi colored clusters of red yellow blooms throughout the growing season.

orange roses

Sunset Celebration

Sunset Celebration rose bush, shown in the picture above, is one the best of the tangerine roses.

It's long lasting fragrant blooms are great for cutting for an rose bouquet.

A repeat flowering hybrid tea rose that grows to above average height with lots of dark green disease free foilage.

It recieved an AARS award in 1998. Zones 4-9.

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Rose Tahitian Sunset

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Rose Fragrant Cloud

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orange roses
Rose Outrageous

orange roses
Rose Disneyland

orange roses
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orange roses
Rose Cinnamon Twist

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Marid Gra

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orange roses
Rose Tuscan Sun

orange roses
Rose Blaze Of Glory Climbing

orange roses
Rose Happy Chappy Groundcover

Tangerine, apricot and peach roses are also very much in the demand.

One of the most exciting and special ones is the Mutabilis Rose a hybrid china rose from before 1884.

It's a large spreading bush with flowers that change colors from yellow to and red.

Many people were excited when the Disneyland Rose was introduced.

It's a very vibrant orange blend floribunda rose.

Another beautiful rose is the Brass Band Rose, supposedly a favorite of Oprah's.

She likes this rose just because of its beautiful and unique tangerine apricot rose blooms.

It's easy to understand why she is so taken by this rose; it tends to take your breath away when you see the rose bush in full bloom.

There is a wonderful pale orange colored rose, actually it's more of the orange apricot pink blend, that is very beautiful.

It's named for the Hollywood film legend Marilyn Monroe.

It's a beautiful hybrid tea rose. Click on the link and take a look.

If you are looking for an orange colored Hybrid Tea rose, Just Joey Rose is a rose you should seriously consider.

It makes one of the most spectacular and floriferous displays of all roses, with some of the largest flowers.

Or if you are considering planting an orange yellow rose with a touch of red, the Playboy Rose is guaranteed to brighten up your garden.

It's one of the easiest to grow and the most rewarding of roses.


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