Ordering Hedge Roses

by Denise

QUESTION: I would like to know if I can order Hedge Roses, your
Purple Perfection and your white Hedge roses.

If they are in one of your catalogs which catalog would have the two that I want to order, or should I just call in the order?

Lastly, should I start growing them in the ground or start them off growing them in a 5 lb plastic pot?

If I decide to grow them in a pot at first how often do I water them? We have been having on and off heavy rain
fall and heavy winds which makes me want to watch them

I can't believe that the hedge rose is totally
disease resistant, there has to be some thing that likes
it too much!


ANSWER: Hi Denise! Yes you can order the hedge roses right on my rose hedges page.

Hedge roses should be planted in the ground as soon as you receive them.

If you are planning to have a rose hedge, it's better to have them in the gorund.

However, if you just want a specimen rose, it can be grown in a large container.

But it takes a lot more care and work to grow container roses.

If you forget to water the rose, it will die.

And a container rose needs to be fed rose food more often.
Best Regards,

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