Organic Rose Spray

organic rose spray

Organic Rose Gardening Products

Buy the best organic rose spray products here for doing organic rose gardening.

Growing organic roses, and practicing organic rose care is easy, and very beneficial to your garden, your health, and to the environment.

Also organic gardening protects your beneficial insects, who love to go bug hunting in your garden.

The idea of organic rose gardening and using organic spray for roses, is to minimize the amount of technical maintenance you have to do, to keep your soil and surrounding environment healthy.

Below is a selection of my own organic sprays for roses, that I personally use in my garden. I have garden organically for many years, and I love to see all the butterflies, and dragonflies in my garden.

The toxic sprays kills them, and you won't have these delightful garden guests if you don't use organic sprays.

Organic Sprays For Roses
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rose spray Green Light 07924 Rose Defense II - 24 oz Spray

organic rose
spray Rose Pharm Organic Insecticidal Soap plus Miticide and Fungicide, 33.8-Fluid Ounce Spray Bottle (Pack of 2)

rose spray Safer Brand Rose & Flower Organic Insect Killing Soap - 32 oz Spray 5130

rose care Garden Safe Fungicide3 Insecticide/Fungicide/Miticide Ready to Use 24 oz Spray 10414X

organic rose 
spray Garlic GP Rose Fungicide Concentrate

rose spray AG PRO 3 Organic Fungicide Gal.

Sometimes a simple hard water spray that washes above and underneath the foilage will knock off a lot of rose pests, and even powdery mildew fungus spores.

But, if you need to spray your roses, the products above are safe. Many have sulfur as the active ingredient.

Sulfur spray is effective against fungus, and safe to use, long-lasting on the foilage, but it's a bit smellier that the baking soda mixture.


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