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Garden Planter Ideas

Practical and pretty outdoor planters planted with roses, perennials, annuals and herbs will brighten up your balcony, patio or deck.

I even like when larger sized tall planters are used as focal points in a flowerbed or border. How pretty is that! I suggest you do just that in your own garden.

outdoor planters

Whiskey Barrel Planter With Roses

This page about outdoor garden planters will give you lots of ideas for your own garden when planting flowers in container planters. Don't be afraid to use a variety of plants, but limit the color palette to three.

Keep in mind that plants in terra cotta planters tend to (do) dry out rapidly because terra cotta is porous.

But if you use the specially formulated terra cotta potting mixture in the planter it will hold water longer.

However, regular watering is essential, especially during hot summer days. You might have to water every day then.

You can also step up a planter appeal with two tiers of color for a more dramatic display.

My favorite way to use planters is to insert a trellis and plant a scented small climing rose above colorful annuals that can be changed out every season.

Your planters will flower with abundance if you deadhead the flowers as soon as they fade.

Snap off flower heads a few inches down where the flower head meets the stem.

This will stimulate the plant to produce lots more blooms. Intensive plantings need plenty of attention for a lush appearance.

Water the container daily in hot summer weather, fertilize with liquid solutions weekly, diluted by half strenght to keep your plants blooming all season long.

Types of Outdoor Planters

outdoor planters

Vintage Glazed Ceramic Planters

No matter what what planter you choose, the only must-have is drainage holes in the bottom to prevent excess water from collecting, which will kill plants in a matter of days. Take your pick of these planter materials below.

  • METAL. Heavy and durable, metal planters are typically made from copper, aluminum, or cast iron. They are often pricy and vary in weight and mobility.
  • PLASTIC. These are available in a wide range of colors and styles and are weather resistant and also lightweight.
  • GLAZED CERAMIC. Very pretty, glazed ceramic pots come in lots of colors, design and form, but could chip easily.
  • WOOD. Wood planters look best in natural inclined landscapes. Go for a rot-resistant variety, such as cedar. However, some painted wood planters have a cottage look and feel.
  • CONCRETE. Cast concrete is heavy, making it difficult to move. It can be limited in colors but comes in designs that range from simple to ornate.
  • TERRA COTTA. Inexpensive, natural looking classic plant containers. Terra cotta planters must be over-wintered indoors to prevent cracking.

Planter Ideas
Pictures of Outdoor Planters

outdoor planters

Concrete Planter With Yellow Perennials and Roses.

outdoors planters

A Molded Plastic Planter With A Rose Bush

outdoors planters

Round Metal Basket Planter

outdoors planters

Terra Cotta Planter

outdoors planters

Square Aluminum Planters

SELF WATERING PLANTERS: if you are looking for self watering outdoor planters, click on this link and check out this beautiful trellis planter that will water your plants while you are away.

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