Pale Rose Leaves

by Dale
(Greenwood Village Colorado)

QUESTION: I have a 2 year old ballerina rose. Leaves and 1st bloom were gorgeous. Fertilized before, and a month or so, after first bloom. Used a granular rose food. Leaves began to pale after the first bloom. As I said I re-fertilized after the leaves became very pale. Any suggestions? Thanks, Dale

ANSWER: Hi Dale,
I think you need to check your soil's pH value. The soil in Colorado is rather alkaline, which results in yellowing pale leaves.
The wrong pH value also prevents the rose to take up nutrients from the soil.
So therefore fertilizing would not help your rose at all.
Here is my page about soil for roses.
Here is another page that is helpful to read.
Frequently Asked Questions About Rose Problems and my answers those questions.
Best Regards,

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