Parade Climbing Rose

by Hilary

QUESTION: Hi Annelie,
I just bought a Parade climbing rose.

I am planning to train it along a 15 metre fence, but I just read that these can be very vigorous.

Do you think I should plant it against a house wall instead?

I love your site so much - I come back to it time and again, having inherited my love of roses from my mother.

Your house and garden look fabulous.

I just hope I can get my new cottage looking even half as good as that one day! xx

ANSWER: Hi Hilary! Thanks for the compliments. I am glad you enjoy my rose gardening site.

Actually the Parade climbing rose, is one of the best climbing roses for a small garden.

It grows to 3 meters tall.

This is a great climber, with huge flowers, and it never stops blooming, because it repeats so well.

The Parade's flowers come singly or in clusters of up to five.

The fragrance is strong and sweet.

It will be perfect on your fence. Just train the climber as horizontally as possible.
Best Regards,

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