Paradise Rose

paradise rose

Hybrid Tea 'Paradise' Rose Bush

The Paradise rose bush is a lilac, mauve, very fragrant hybrid tea rose.

It's named after Guns and Roses Paradise City song lyrics, when it was introduced in 1978 by Weeks Roses in US.

'Paradise' beautiful lilac mauve rose color comes from its parentage Angel Face Rose x Swarthmore Rose.

The color, lilac with mauve edges, of 'Paradise' hybrid tea rose, was considered a breakthrough when it was first introduced.

The color changes with the temperature. The mauve crimson edging is the strongest in hot waether.

However, the lavender lilac hue fades slightly in the sun.

paradise rose

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The rose flowers are beautifully shaped with petals that curl back at the edges. But the canes are quite thorny. The growing habit is upright and sturdy.

Planting Tips For Paradise Rose

This rose will arrive as a bareroot dormant rose. You should soak the roots in tepid water overnight, even up to 24 hours, before planting.

This will help plump up the roots so the rose get off to a good start, and it also give you time to prepare the planting hole, if you haven't done so already.

Dig the hole about 2 foot wide and about a foot or more deep.

In a wheel barrel mix the soil from the hole with 50% organic compost and a cup of bonemeal.

Make a mound at the bottom of the hole and place the bareroot rose over the mound, spreading the roots around.

The bud union should be at ground level, or an inch or two below in cold zones. However, 'Paradise' is a hybrid tea rose and should not be planted in cold weather zones below zone 5.

Fill the hole with the mixed soil from the wheel barrel and gently water as you go. Pat down the soil, gently, to get rid if any air pockets.

Make a moat around the rose and lay your garden hose there and let the water run slowly for about half an hour or longer.

Do not fertilize until you see the the leaves are beginning to grow, then apply a good quality rose fertilizer.

Zone 5-11, height: 4 feet tall.


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