Pascali Rose
Pascali Hybrid Tea Rose

Pascali Rose Information: An award-winning rose, the white Pascali hybrid tea rose has beautiful buds and flowers.

Pascali's white blooms are high centered and fragrant with a delicate tea rose scent.

The flowers repeat bloom from spring through fall.

The foilage has a lush green color that really show off the Pascali's white flowers.

The rosa Pascali is very disease resistant and remain healthy through the season.

Pascali rose care: since this is a hybrid tea rose, it will need special pruning.

To encourage the most flowering, deadhead spent blooms regularly all seasonlong.

Fertilize every 3 weeks with high quality rose food product, such as Miracle Grow for Roses.

Regular watering is a must At least twice a week, more in hot weather.

Mulch after the spring pruning to keep the roots cool and reserve moisture.

pascali rose
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Shipping form: bare root.

Zones: 4-9.

Growth habit: upright.

Height: 4 feet.

Width: 3 feet.

Flower size: 4 inches.

Color: white.

Fragrance: tea rose.

Light requirement: full sun.

Soil: moist, well-draining.

Uses: flower border, cut flowers.

Restrictions: Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam, Hawaii, Virgin Islands.

Shipping time: in spring at the correct planting time in your zone.


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