Patio Tree Roses

Growing Standard Tree Roses

Patio tree roses, also called standard tree roses, are ordinary roses that has been grafted on top a tall slender rose trunk for a tree-like effect.

Tree roses are a favorite for growing in large pots.

Be sure to underplant the tree rose with low-growing flowering plants that spill over a bit.

They vary in size from 2-3 feet tall, some even as tall as 5 feet.

Because the flowers are elevated, the form and color of standard patio roses are easy to see.

Tree roses have the top-heavy look of a topiary.

They make excellent focal points and can dominate the center of a bed or bring height and color to a border.

patio tree roses
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I like to use them to flank a gate, a piece of sculpture, or the entrance to a path.

You can buy standards as 36-inch trees, 24-inch patio trees, 18-inch miniature trees, and even 60-72 inch weeping trees.

Shorter tree roses need no permanent support, although a support rod is advisable for the first few years.

Overwintering Rose Trees

Because of the graft union, standard tree roses are not very cold hardy and won't survive winters unless heavily protected in zones 5 or colder.

I recommend covering the base with a foot of mulch and then wrapping the entire tree rose in horticultural fleece.

Tie some rope around it so winds won't unwrap the covering.

If you are growing them in pots, bring them inside to an unheated garage or such.

Set them off the floor with some bricks.

If it's a very cold room, wrap them and the pot in fleece also. Do not let the roots dry out. Check periodically using a moisture meter.


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