Peace Hybrid Tea Rose

by Vicky
(Franklin, Indiana)

QUESTION:I have a Peace Hybrid Tea Rose that has beautiful foliage, but it only has two or three blooms on it each year.

It is about five years old. I have also fertilized it and cut it backs some.

ANSWER: Hi Vicky! Only three blooms per year on your Peace rose. I think I know what's could be wrong.

Is the Peace rose planted where it receives at least 6 hours of direct sun per day?

If it's planted in a less than sunny spot, it will not flower well, if at all.

Roses must have sun to produce blooms.

Hybrid Tea roses needs to be pruned hard every spring.

They only bloom on new growth each season.

On an established tea rose, you can prune it 3 feet or a bit more.

Leave 4 to 5 major canes with an average height of 3 feet.

I also recommend that you remove older less producing canes at the base of your Peace rose hybrid tea bush.

Removing older canes will trigger new cane growth in the spring.

This regenerative process is fundamental to the health of yoyr Peace rose bush.

After pruning, wait until you see new growth before applying rose food.
Here is my page about pruning hybrid tea roses.
Best Regards,

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