The Perfume Delight Rose

perfume delight rose

Fragrant Disease Resistant Rose

Super fragrant roses, such as the Perfume Delight rose, a very fragrant rose. Fragrant roses have always been very important to me, especially when selecting roses for my garden.

However, there are only a few roses that qualifies as extremely fragrant, and 'Perfume Delight' is one of the top fragrant roses available.

perfume delight rose

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The scent is an intoxicating old damask rose fragrance, that will perfume a whole room.

It is a winner of the AARS award in 1974, with a proven track record in the gardens, and is highly resistant to most common rose diseases, so there is a very low chance for 'Perfume Delight' rose disease to occur.

A lovely, super fragrant rose, with oval buds that opens into dark pink, large double blooms on long stems that are strong and rain resistant and perfect for cutting.

It's a vigorous, upright growing rose bush with excellent dark green foilage with large leaves.

This American hybrid tea is very popular in the US and Australia, but almost unheard of in Europe.

The 'Perfume Delight' rose will bloom continually all season long.

Hardy to Zone 5-10, height 3-4 feet.

perfume delight rose


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