Petals Around The Rose

Uses For Rose Petals

The wide choices of the petals around the rose that form the rose flower, is one of the wonderful aspects of growing roses.

Ranges of rose petal form and pleasing petal shapes have evolved over the last two hundred years.

petals around the rose

Rose petals can be plain, reflexed, ruffled or frilled similar to a carnation.

Roses can have a petal count streching from the simplicity of five petals all the way to 50 petals or more.

The rose petals come in a very wide selection of colors.

Single color, bi-color, multi-color, blend, striped and hand-painted.

The flower form of hybrid teas, as in the picture above, has petals arranged symmetrically in a circular outline with a high center or point to the bloom.

Another criteria for selecting roses is the substance of the rose petals.

This quality of the petal is extremely important in warm climates where temperatures may soar in the 90 degree Fahrenheit range.

Essentially, substance depends on the amount of starch in the petals capable of holding moisture.

The more starch, the better the rose variety can sustain exposure to high temperatures.

Otherwise, moisture is lost, and the blooms begin to droop. So if you garden in hot climates, select rose varieties with thick petals, which indicates a high starch content.

Uses For Rose Petals

The rose offers many practical uses for the petals in medicines, cosmetics, foods, and fragrances. My favorite way to use rose petals is as a rose tea, and as rose water that I use as a facial astringent.

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