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There nothing like beautiful pictures of flower beds, photos of flower garden beds, to inspire us and give us great flower bed ideas for our gardens.

A picture is worth a thousand words, that's especially true when it comes to roses and flowers.

The pictures on this page are great examples of color schemes in flower beds, ideas for front yard flower beds, flower bed edging, small flower beds and simple flower beds that are easy to re-create in your home garden.

Flower Bed Pictures

pictures of flower beds

In this lovely flower picture featured above, the star and focal point is the gorgeous 'Burgundy Iceberg' rose. But what makes this flower bed so beautiful it's the gray leaved companion plants of' French Lavender' and 'Snow in Summer', and other light gray perennials.


pictures of flower beds

Isn't this a lovely, refreshing flower bed combination? I just love it.

This little assemble can be reproduced several times along a long fence for a multiple effect.

Anyway, here we have the ever popular white 'Iceberg' rose, planted with the blue flowered 'Society Garlic' and white 'Day Lilies', and then for that extra splash of color a low growing pink 'Ivy Gerenium'.

It's so simple, yet so beautiful. This planting group will look terrific into late fall.


pictures of flower beds

In the front yard flower bed picture above, a curved bed was designed and planted with white 'Iceberg' roses, pink 'Bonica' roses and red 'Hybrid Tea' roses.

The bed is edged with miniature pink roses and dwarf impatients.


pictures of flower beds

The apricot-pink 'Just Joey rose is featured in the flower bed picture above.

They are hybrid tea roses that repeat bloom all season.

The roses are edged with dwarf boxwood that were just planted.

pictures of flower beds

In the flower bed picture above, 'Nearly Wild' roses are planted to form a low growing hedge against a curved short wall.

This wonderful little floribunda offers the delicate beauty of single blooms on a compact rose bush that's easy to tuck into any garden.

The clustered flowers bloom in abundance starting late spring with nearly continuous re-bloom until frost. Zones 4-9.


I hope the pictures of flower beds have given you some great ideas for your own garden.


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