Pierre de Ronsard Rose

Eden Rose
Rose Pierre de Ronsard

Pierre De Ronsard rose, also known as 'Eden' rose, or 'Eden' climbing rose.

Rose Pierre de Ronsard is a wonderfully charming large flowering-flowered pink climber.

The flowers are large and looks like old fashioned roses; they are shaped like round cabbages.

The blooms are intensely fragrant with a lovely tea rose perfume scent.

The basic flower color is creamy white, but heavily suffused with lavender- pink and carmine.

The effect is that rose 'Eden' is the perfect rose for charming cottages.

The blooms repeat their flowering through summer and fall.

'Pierre De Ronsard' grows to an average height, so it's easy to place it in most gardens, and it's an ideal rose for arbors, fences or walls.

pierre de ronsard rose

The picture of this rose, that I personally took with my digital camera, gives you a good idea of the beauty of this rose.

It's one of my favorite pink climbing roses. The leaves are a very attractive bright green color and are semi-glossy.

The foilage is healthy and rarely, if ever, needs spraying.


Mature Plant Size: 10 feet.

Bloom Size: 4 inches.

Flowering: spring, repeats summer and fall.

Fragrance: sweet tea rose perfume.

Year Inroduced: 1985 by Meiland, France.

Hardiness Zone: zone 6.

American Rose Society Rating: 8.3.

pierre de ronsard rose

Isn't this a great picture of this climbing rose!

This house is in my neighborhood and I just love the way the home owners trained the rose over the doorway.

It's absolutely enchanting, and I love to go by this house often to take a look.

The 'Pierre de Ronsard' is perfect for this situation and is easily trained this way.

The long blooming season of the rose also makes it ideal.

The Eden climbing rose care is similar to other repeat-blooming modern climbers.

For instructions about training and pruning these climbers, go to my page about pruning climbing roses or look at my page about 'Top 10 Climbing Roses'.

There is a lot of good information and tips for climbers there.

eden rose

The rose is named after a Court Poet in Scotland and France (1524-1585), who was a very avid gardener.


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