Pinata Rose

Climbing Pinata Rose

The climbing Pinata rose is one of the most colorful of the large-flowered climbing roses.

The flowers of rosa Pinata are amazing because they undergo a fantastic color transformation.

They start out with high centers and then reflex and begin to change color.

The initial citrus yellow color of the 'Pinata' rose will gradually be overlaid with vermilion, finishing as the petals age to an overall pale shade of scarlet with patches of pinky red.

pinata rose

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The blooms come as huge flower-clusters of up to 16 blooms. They are marvelous as cut flowers for vases and arrangements.

It's a great climber for a fence, wall, pillar or arch.

A very heavy bloomer, 'Pinata' starts blooming in early spring and continues all summer long. The scent is a tea rose fragrance

'Pinata' actually provide its best flowers where there is some afternoon shade, yet it needs a warm climate as it's not hardy enough to withstand prolonged frost periods.

It will be shipped bareroot when it's the right time to plant roses in your area.

It cannot be shipped to Canada or Puerto Rico. Plant height is 6-8 feet tall and the width is 6 feet.

Zones 6-10.

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