Planning A Rose Garden


How To Plan A Rose Garden

When planning a rose garden, it's important to remember that roses grow in different shapes, heights and colors.

If you simply plant them here and there, the taller roses may block shorter roses and bright pinks will clash with red roses.

Since rose gardens highlight the roses, you should choose roses that are covered with rose blooms all season, and are repeat flowering.

So therefore I recommend you that you plan your rose garden using floribundas, modern shrub roses and miniature roses.

They have lots continuous color throughout the season with plentiful clusters of sprays of flowers.

Of course, you can include just about any rose if you want.

Rose Garden

A Public Rose Garden

When planning and planting roses in your rose garden, be sure to allow plenty of room for air circulation and access.

You should also place stepping stones around your roses, it prevents you from compacting the soil when walking around doing deadheading, grooming and pruning etc.

Planting distance between hybrid teas, miniatures and floribundas should be about 2 feet.

The space between shrub and groundcover roses should be about 3 feet to allow for their greater sprawl.

mission rose garden

California Mission Rose Garden

You should deadhead your rose garden regularly to encourage more blooms, and keeping it attractive.

And cover the ground with mulch to prevent disease and pests.

I recommend you install an irrigation system, because it will deliver water to the soil rather than the leaves.

Consider planting groundcovers or low-growing perennials in your rose garden to serve as living mulch.

Lavender, smaller catmint and, my favorite, hardy geraniums, are classic.


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