Planting a Low Growing Tree
In The Middle of a Bed of Knockout Roses.

by Jim Reamer
(Columbia, SC )

Do you recommend planting a tree in the middle of a circle of knock out roses?

We have a circle bed about 12-14' in dia. With six or seven roses on the outside edge,
leaving a six ft area in the middle.

We would like to plant some kind of low growing tree, like a dogwood or crate myrtle.

Do you have any recommendations? We are in Columbia, SC. Your thoughts would be appreciated! Jim


Hello Jim,
I absolutely advice against it, because the tree roots will interfere with the Knockout roses root system.
This will cause the roses to bloom a lot less, and maybe even die.

What I do recommend you do with that space in the center, is to plant a climbing rose trained on a vertical pillar.

Now that would be beautiful garden display. Wind the canes around the pillar all the way to the top.

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