Planting Bare Root Roses !

How To Plant Bare Root Roses

Planting bare root roses: planting should be done as soon as all danger of frost is gone and the soil can be worked, in late winter or early spring.

Bare root planting of roses must be done at once, upon delivery of the roses. So be sure the rose supplier knows the correct planting time in your region.

You must soak the roses for about 24 hours before planting them.

This is a very important step so don't forget to soak them.

When do bare root rose bushes become available? Dormant bare root rose varieties are available for sale during winter and early spring.

Lots of mail order catalogs have a great selection of bare root rose plants that you can buy by ordering online or by phone, such as climbing roses, fragrant roses, miniature roses and roses of all kinds.

planting bare root roses

Planting Tips For
Planting Bare Root Roses

Bare-root roses are often sold in plastic bags or cardboard cartons. (Be sure to remove the container before planting!)

The canes should be firm and not shriveling. It's ok if a few leaves are starting to sprout.

Choose a site for your roses in full sun - a spot receiving at least 6 hours of full, direct sun per day.

The site should also have excellent drainage, because roses dislikes soggy roots. It will kill the rose.

Soil Preparation
Before Planting Bare Root Roses

Prepare the soil by digging a hole about 2 feet wide and 2 feet deep.

Work in about 50%organic compost to enrich the soil, improve drainage, and feed the rose.

Also add a cup each of bone-meal and blood-meal and work it into the soil and the compost.

Using a wheel-barrow makes it easy to mix the soil, compost and amendments together.

The Right Planting Depth
How Deep To Plant?

Plant to the right depth for your climate zone.

The graft, also called the bud union, is the knobby part of the plant, where the top has been grafted ono the roots.

In most climates, plant the bud union 1-2 inches above the soil level.

In cold winter regions (zones 5, or colder), plant it up tp 2 inches below the soil level.

If in doubt, follow the instructions that came with the rose, or check with your local garden center that sells roses.

How To Plant
Step by Step For
Planting Bare Root Roses

Step By Step Planting Instructions

STEP ONE: Prune the rose, unless it has been pre-pruned by the seller.

But most bare-root roses are sold pre-pruned.


That means they have no more than 3 to 6 canes, each only a foot, or so long.

Remove any damaged canes or roots.

STEP TWO: Soak the roots in a bucket of tepid cool water for about 24 hours.

This help hydrate the rose and keeps it from drying out once you've planted it in the ground.

Then prepare a hole, working in organic soil amendment.

Add a cup each of bone-meal and blood-meal to the soil and mix it well.

STEP THREE: Position the rose in the hole so the graft union is at the correct height.

Make a cone of soil in the middle of the hole and place the rose plant on top of the cone, spreading the roots around the cone downwards.

Fill the hole with the ammended soil, and mound it in a small moat around the rose, so water will collect at its base.

STEP FOUR: Water well, making sure the water soaks in. Repeat two or three times.

After watering, mound soil about 6 inches over the base of the rose to prevent the graft union from drying out.

Push aside the soil after 2 - 3 weeks, or gently wash it away.

Planting Schedule For
Bare Root Roses

January and February are the planting times in most of the South, Southwest and the Westcoast of The United States and in areas where the winter temperatures rarely dip below 10 degrees F (-12 degrees C).

In areas where freezing temperatures change from warm spells, and freezing weather that lasts for months, it's better to plant in late autumn or early spring.

If you live in a very cold climate, you definitely need to plant in spring or late spring, depending on frost dates in your area.

Check with your local nurseries for last frost date. Usually by Mothers Day, frost danger should be over with.

planting bare root roses

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