Planting Climbing Roses

How To Plant Climbing Roses

Before planting climbing roses, find out if the rose plant you are planting is a Rambler.

If it is, you might prune it down a bit before planting to encourage it to grow new shoots from the base.


But if it's a regular climbing rose, or any other kind of climbing rose bush, do NOT prune before planting the climber.

Start out by following the Planting Guide For Roses instructions, but make these planting adjustments described here below.

Always keep in mind, that climbing roses have long arching canes that should be trained as horizontally as possible for the best flowering success.

PLanting a climbing rose is a fairly simple process, But it's worth taking your time to do it right.

A properly planted climbing rose will get off to a good start in your garden.

Careful planting also help you avoid future problems with root systems, drying out, and graft union.

Another thing to consider is to choose a planting location that gets at least 6 hours of direct, unfiltered sunlight per day during the growing season.

planting climbing roses

Drawing Showing How To Plant and Train a Climbing Rose

Order climbing rose bushes. Several beautiful species.

Dig your planting hole about a foot and a half away from the wall, arbor, trellis or post.

Set the climber in the hole at an 45 degree angle, so that the canes lean toward the support.

Spread all the roots away from a wall as best you can, so that the canes lean toward the support.

You need to use temporary stakes to support the canes that are a bit short to reach the trellis or wires on a wall.

Just push the stakes through the soil at the base of the wall and tie the stakes to the trellis or wire.

Then tie the canes to the temporary stakes using stretch tape for roses.

When the climber starts to leaf out, scratch some time released fertilizer for roses around the bush and water deeply.

Water the newly planted climber several times a week, deeply, to encourage deep roots.

That's all there is, to planting climbing roses.


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