Planting Guide For Roses!

How To Plant A Rose Bush

This is a planting guide for roses.

Whether your soil is sandy or clayey, a generous application of of well-composted organic material, mixed thoroughly into the planting soil, will be very beneficial and give your roses a head start.

Clay soil drains poorly, and should always be amended with mixture of 50% sand and organic compost to improve drainage before you plant.

Sandy soil drains water too quickly and lack nutrients, so be sure to add 50% organic compost to the sandy soil before planting.

Prior to planting roses, cut off any dead, diseased or spindly looking rose canes.

When planting bare root roses, lightly trim any extremely long roots and cut off any damaged ones.

Soak bare root roses in tepid water overnight before planting.

If the rose roots look shriveled and dry, it might be good to soak them for a couple of days to be sure they are well hydrated.

It's important to plant bare-root roses right away as soon as possible.

So don't plan to take a vacation if you are expecting a delivery of bare-root roses.

belinda roses

'Belinda' roses change colors as the blooms age

Always water the soil well before planting and wait until soil has settled and is workable.

When planting a rose, make sure the planting hole is large enough to accomodate root growth.

Prepare the planting hole approximately 2 feet wide and 2 feet deep.

Mix the native soil with an equal amount of organic compost or a commercial planter's mix.

If you live in a cold climate, the bud union should be 3 inches below soil level when planted.

In warmer areas, with no frost, plant the bud union so it just rests on top of the soil.

Roses must have organic matter in the soil in order to do well.

Amend the soil with composted manure and other organic matter such as fish emulsion or seaweeds.

After your rose plant is in the hole, scratch in about half a cup of Epson salt around the base of the rose and water real good.

Epson salt's major component is magnesium sulfate, which promotes plant growth and better flower production.

If the area you have choosen for your rose garden doesn't drain well, make a raised bed with good garden loom mixed with composted manure.

Good garden soil can be ordered and delivered directly to your garden, but you still should work in 50% organic compost in any bought garden soil.

double delight roses

'Double Delight' roses

Consult with a good local garden center or nursery for information about home delivery of good garden soil. They will guide you to the best suppliers.

It pays to get to know the staff at your local favorite nursery.

They always have knowledgable staff people and at least one person who is a rose expert.

Forget about those huge Home Centers where you rarely meet someone who knows how to cultivate roses.

This planting guide for roses is pre-planting advice for roses.

Click on these other links for planting information for specific roses and situations.

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