Planting Knockout Roses
During Hot Summer

by Laura
(Atlanta GA)

QUESTION: Can I still plant the double red Knockout roses during the heat of the summer?

I live in Atlanta GA and it looks like we are in zone 8.
ANSWER: Hi Laura,
I know the weather is very hot were you are now, so if you could wait until early fall, after temperatures drop, it would be better.

Roses don't like hot weather, and to conserve energy they stop flower production.

So you wouldn't have that many blooms anyway during the heat of the summer.

If you decide to plant anyway, please do so very early in the morning.

Have the hole dug in advance, and make the hole 2 feet wide and as deep as it sits in the container.

Use Miracle grow for roses bagged soil in the hole and water using a hose slowly trickling in the hole for about 20 minutes to settle the soil.

Heel in the soil after the settling. Water again.

If you can, use a beach umbrella to shade the rose during the hottest part of the day.

Water daily every morning and evening. Do not fertilize.

Here is my page about planting roses.

Please read before planting your Knockout rose.

Best Regards,

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