Planting Near Garage Wall

by G. Pooley
(Toronto Canada)

I want to plant some roses along my garage wall (facing south) and was wondering how far away from the wall to plant the roses.

Or does it make a difference how far.
I am thinking of a couple of climbing roses and perhaps two smaller rose bushes in the middle.
I live in Toronto Canada and believe we are in zone 5
Any information you could provide would be most helpful.

Thank you G. Pooley


Hello G. Pooley,
Yes it does matter how close you plant any rose to a wall, for sure.
Here is my page about planting climbing roses.

Climbing roses are often planted against a wall or tall fence.

My page will show you with graphics exactly how close to the wall to plant it and also how to train it.

Since you plan to plant climbing roses, you have to keep in mind that they should be trained as horizontally as possible to produce the most flowers.

So unless your wall is extremely wide, you might not have room for rose bushes in the middle.

I don't know about zone 5 in Toronto, Canada.
It gets pretty cold up there in the winter.

Most climbers are not that cold hardy, but there are a few that are.

The Canadian Explorer roses are very cold hardy. And their best climbing rose is the William Baffin Climbing Rose.
Best Regards,

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