The Planting Of Roses


Planting A Rose

Like with most other plants, the planting of roses, or planting a rose, is best done in the spring, after all danger of frost is gone and the ground is workable.

Wheather you are planting climbing roses, planting bare root roses, planting hybrid tea roses or planting miniature roses, you must be sure that your area is totally out of frost danger before you start any work on your flower beds and prepare to plant.

Of course, when spring arrives depends on where you live. Consult with your local garden centers for frost dates in your area.

brilliant pink iceberg

'Brilliant Pink Iceberg' a floribunda rose

Plant in a well-prepared deeply dug bed. The soil should be fertile and well drained.

If drainage is a problem, simply build a raised bed about 8 to 12 inches high off the ground.

A raised bed is actually very good for all plants, and can be very attractive if lined with rocks, etc.


An 'Alpine' rose

The planting hole should be at least two feet wide and a foot deep. Add organic matter such as composted manure to each hole.

You should also add a cupful each of bone meal, blood meal, and alfafa pellets. Mix it all together and fill in the hole around your rose plant.

Sprinkle some Epsom salt around the rose bush and scratch it in the soil. Water the roses deeply to reach the roots

Avoid overhead watering to prevent fungus diseases.


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