Planting Potted Roses

A Planting Guide For Roses

Planting potted roses is easier than planting bare root roses.

Here are step by step instructions for how to plant roses and planting rose bushes.

First you must prepare the soil.

See Soil for Roses

Before you plant, water the rose that's still in the pot thoroughly.

Keep the roots moist at all times, and never leave the rootball exposed during the planting time.

Keep it covered with wet burlap or plastic and out of the sun if possible. Then follow these steps:

planting roses

Photo Courtesy of The University of New Mexico

Planting Roses Step One

Dig a wide large planting hole about 2 feet wide and deep.

Save the removed soil in a wheelbarrow or on a plastic tarp.

Mix it with bags of composted manure or bags of rose soil (I like Miracle grow soil for roses).

Or you can use only bagged rose soil, if you don't have good soil, then you know that your roses are getting good soil around the rootball.

The soil on the sides of the hole should be loose, not compacted to make it easier for the feeder roots to grow.

Leave a plateau of undug soil in the center of the hole to keep the rose from settling too low.

Which means you should dig the edges deeper. This will make it easy for the roots to penetrate the soil and grow feeder roots faster.

Planting Roses Step Two

Now it's time to remove the rose from the container.

To make it easier for the rose bush to slide out, lay the potted rose on its side and gently roll it from side to side to loosen the soil and tap the containers side and bottom.

When the rose is out of the pot, loosen the soil on the surface using your fingers, and uncoil any circling roots.

Planting Roses Step Three

Now place the rose bush in the hole right on the plateau of undug soil.

Spread out any loosened roots. Add soil to the sides of the rootball.

Put a stick across the hole to check the proper planting depth. The top of the potted rose's soil should be at groundlevel.

In mild winter areas (10 degrees F, -12 degrees C), plant the bud union at soil level.

In cold winter regions, put the bud union 2-4 inches below (depending on the cold) soil level. For very cold areas, go for 3-4 inches deep.

If you need to adjust the planting depth, do so now.

Fill the hole with the amended soil, or rose soil, and water deeply, to remove any air pockets.

If the rose settles too low, raise it gently, and fill in with more soil.

After the rose has settled, firmly but gently pat the soil around the rose.

Then make a small moat around the rose and cover the planting area or flower bed with about 2 inches or more of finely shredded mulch.

I use bagged mulch from the garden centers since it's so convenient.

See how easy planting potted roses is!


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