Planting Rose Bushes

planting rose bushes

Rose Planting

Planting rose bushes successfully lies in the mastery of a few basic principles of rose planting. Here are some great tips for planting a rose bush and and give your rose bushes a healthy start.

First make sure your are planting the rose in the right spot in your garden. The ideal planting location should be sunny for six hours per day, have good drainage and fertile soil.

If any of these elements are lacking, your rose planting will be a failure, because your roses will not do well and will not thrive.

The picture of the planting of roses and flowers below, is meant to inspire you to plant roses in your garden. The orange flowers are Verbenas, very drought tolerant, and the miniature roses are Rainbows End.

planting rose bushes

Planting Bare Root Roses - Rose Bushes

On planting day, refresh the roots in a bucket of tepid water, while you dig the planting hole. An hour or two of soaking plumps up the roots. I even do it overnight, if the roots look shriveled up.

Trim any damaged roots and shorten any rose roots that are too long to fit in the planting hole without bending.

When Do I Start Planting My Roses?

Timing is crucial for bare root rose planting. In most areas, bare root roses should be planted in early spring, before their leaves unfurl.

In areas where winter temperatures rarely dips below 20 degrees F, late winter planting is best. Of course you always make sure all danger of frost is gone.

If you can't plant a bare root rose right away, keep its roots moist and cool.

The planting display in the picture below, shows a well planted group of pink and white Iceberg roses, with a planting of miniature roses and other flowers below. This is just an idea for planting roses.

planting rose bushes

Planting Rose Bushes Along a Fence

Planting roses along a fence is an ideal way to plant roses in a front garden and really helps to dress up and beautify your property and create curb appeal.

Fences give roses protection from the wind, but also gives them the air circulation they like, if the fence is an open fence as in the picture below.

When planting your roses, space them evenly between the fence posts. If they are smaller climbers, you can train them horizontally, or simply plant them like in the picture below if they are shrub roses or floribundas.

Always underplant the roses with low growing perennials that comliment the roses, to hide their legs, and to keep the soil moist and cool.

planting rose bushes

Planting and Care of Rose Bushes

Planting rose bushes is a pretty simple process, but it's worth taking the time to do it right. A properly planted rose will get off to a great start in your garden.

careful planting also helps avoid future problems with root systems, drying out, and graft union. Roses are commonly available in two forms: bare root and potted, sometimes called container roses.

Once a rose is planted it must be well cared for, so it will grow and produce lots of beautiful rose flowers. Proper Rose Maintenance is an important part of growing roses.

It's a part that a lot of gardeners neglect to do. Roses need regular water, food, deadheading and mulching to do well and give you lots of blooms and be healthy.

Planting rose bushes and caring for roses isn't difficult. Mostly it's just following a few basic rules.

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If you would like to watch a video about planting rose bushes, here is the one I like the best. Just click on it!


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