Planting Roses For Beginners

by Debra M. Schirck
(Plant City, FL, USA)

QUESTION: I am very encouraged by your beautiful, informative website!

I would like to plant climbing roses in memory of my mother who passed on 04/2011.

Roses were her favorite and I feel growing and maintaining roses will help me bring closure as well as good memories.

Should I start with a one-plant climbing rose on a free standing trellis to learn or go for the 30-foot long envisioned project?

The fence and wire are already in existence.

If you recommend starting small, should I started with a potted plant or plant it in the location where I anticipate creating the big project. I have never grown roses and I live in West-Central Florida.

Also, what does "on their own roots" mean and how does that affect a rose planting and or growth?

Thank you in advance for your assistance.


ANSWER: Hi Debra! Sorry to hear about your loss.

When planting roses as a beginner you should start small.

Plant only one rose at the time, otherwise you might get overwhelmed.

Most people have time to care for one rose.

I notice that you live in Florida.

Before buying and planting the rose, you must read my page about page about growing roses in Florida.

Regarding "own root roses", they are NOT for Florida roses.

"Own root roses" decline and die in your region.

You should only plant roses that has been grafted onto the rootstock of Rosa fortuniana.

This is because in Florida there are root-knot nematodes that infest the roots of rose plants and kill them.

But the grafted roses from Rosa Fortuniana are resistant to nematodes, and they also thrive in your mild climate.
Best Regards,

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