Planting Roses In Arizona

Tips For How To Plant Arizona Roses

If you live in Arizona, these tips for planting roses in Arizona will help you to be successful growing roses in Arizona.

So this is how you plant roses in the desert of Arizona:

To grow the BEST roses in the extreme heat of Arizona, plant your roses in a deep hole that drains well.

Amend the soil with lots of organics.

Irrigate regularly and very deeply.

Not just in one or two spots, but surround the rootball with a water well.

Locate the rose away from trees and in a spot that is shaded in the afternoon if possible.

encanto park in phoenix

Phoenix Encanto Park With Roses

You can also provide shade from the hot afternoon heat by using an umbrella.

Don't plant roses next to a south or west facing wall that will reflect too much heat.

In early summer add several inches of good mulch to keep the soil cool.

Spraying off the roses in the afternoon (under umbrella or in the shade) will provide some welcome humidity and will cool the roses off a bit.

And no, you don't have to worry about wetting the foilage in the afternoon in the desert.

Rose gardeners in Arizona are not troubled with blackspot or other fungus diseases.

Well there is all there is to growing roses in Arizona.

The Best Roses to Grow In Arizona

For a list of the best roses to grow in Arizona, CLICK on the headline above. These are roses recommended by the Phoenix Rose Society that are know to do well and tolerate the hot summers there.

You can't go wrong when choosing to plant any of these great rose varieties in your Arizona garden.


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