Planting Roses

A Guide For Planting Rose Bushes

When planting roses and deciding on where to plant roses, keep in mind, that roses have a potentially long life, so it is very important, that care be taken in their planting positions.

A rose that has been given a well-choosen site, should flourish for many years, even generations.

Select an appropiate place to plant your roses.

They need plenty of sunshine, and protection from wind, if they are in an open area, and enough space to grow to their full pontential.

How To Plant Roses

If you are unsure of how to plant a roses, and have never done any rose planting before, continue reading for some very great tips and steps for planting a rose bush.

alchymist rose

'Alchymist' rose, a shrub rose with gorgeous, intensely fragrant blooms, with the unique color of an 'apricot blend'


Plant roses where they can receive plenty of sun. Roses are sun-lovers, therefore, the main factor to consider when planting a new rose garden is sunlight.

With it they will produce plenty of leaves and buds, and of course lots of flowers. Insufficient sunlight, however, will cause the rose plant to struggle, resulting in lankier stems, fewer leaves and buds and then less blooms. This weakens the plant and invites diseases and pests.

When planting roses,choose a spot that receives 6-8 hours of direct sun per day, starting with morning sun. Afternoon shade is better than morning shade.

planting roses

'Goldfinch' rose, a beautiful once-blooming floribunda


A drafty site can kill a rose. Roses are tough, but they will not succeed in very cold, drafty spots.

If your site is open and exposed to winds, you'll need to provide some sort of windbreak, which could be either a solid fence or preferable a hedge.

venusta pendula

'Venusta Pendula' rose, a very vigorous, once-blooming climber


Give your rose plenty of room to reach it's natural size and to allow air circulation. The plant may be small now, but you need to allow for future growth.

Crowded conditions also leads to poor air circulation, which can encourage disease.

A good rule of thumb is to allow a rose bush a space that is as wide, as it is tall.

For example, if your rose plant is projected to grow to 4-5 feet tall when mature, give it that much room to grow wide.

Plants that are not crowded together have a better shape and appearence, and that makes your garden more beautiful.

Finally, planting roses should be best done in spring after all danger of frost is gone.


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