Potted Rose Bush

by Tony


I purchased a rose bush last spring and repotted it in a larger pot with the same depth as it's original container. It now has new growth starting. Should I repot in a slightly larger pot, and if so...when?


Hello Tony,
Yes, you should repot your rose every spring while it is dormant.
Since it's showing new growth, do it asap.

You should use a larger pot if possible, but it's very important to use a fresh new organic potting soil.
It will have lots of nutrients your rose will need to get off to a great start.

Add some epson salt to the mix for even better results.

A potted rose needs to be watered every day if lack of rainfall.

Be sure your new pot has 3 drainage holes in the bottom, because roses will die if let standing in water.
If you use a saucer under the pot, it should be drained daily, for the same reason.

Fertilize, with half strenght Miracle Gro food for roses every week for maximum flower production.

You do not need to have a larger pot every year, but it's most important to replace all the potting soil every spring.
Best Regards,

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