Potted Rose Leaf Problem

QUESTION: Can you please help me?
On browsing your site looking for rose house plants problems.

I've decided to email you as can't find the right thing.

I've had the rose plant for some months now without any problems showing up until now.

In the last few days the leaves are turning sort of tubular with the leaf curling upwards.

But some are also turning downwards with the main vein showing upper most.

This plant has been sitting happily on the kitchen window sill flowering quite steadily even in the full sun.

I was wondering if since the heatings coming on, the radiator's affecting the leaves?

There's a few like this but lots aren't.

I had read of leaf curl which looks likely BUT apparently is caused by a fly/larva of an insect only found in America/Canada, so I'd think that takes that out of the equation as I live in Newcastle.

I've been watering it in the saucer and not on the compost on the top and only when dry.
Many thanks

ANSWER: Hi! The reason I don't have a page about roses as houseplants, it's because roses don't do well inside, and will eventually die.

If it's Leaf Rollers, you can find out by opening a rolled leaf.

If you find a green caterpillar inside, it's a Leaf Roller. Destroy all leafs and spray the rose plant with Bacillus Thuringiensis (BT).

You are also watering your plant wrongly. It should be watered on the top soil, never on a saucer.

Roses don't like to sit with their roots in water.

It's a good way to kill a rose. Drainage is so important.

Another reason for your rose not doing well, in addition to the fact roses don't thrive for long inside, is the hot radiator under the window.

I am afraid the rose will not do well inside for long no matter what you do. Sorry.
Best Regards,

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