Preparing Roses for Winter

How To Prepare Roses For Winter Season

When preparing roses for winter you need to provide enough winter protection for roses so they will survive your cold winters. You don't want them so suffer from winter kill.

I asked my American Rose Society member friends who garden in Michigan for their winterizing roses tips for the gardeners who live in areas where snow and cold temperatures are a problem for roses to survive without some protection.

They have to provide winter rose care for their rose varieties that include hybrid teas, floribundas, shrubs, climbers, polyanthas and one old garden rose.

To Prepare Roses For Winter They Do The Following.

They stop deadheading and cut in moderation come mid-September to October.

After a hard frost they mulch about a foot high on newly planted and extra tender rose varieties such as hybrid teas.

preparing roses for winter

And after some more frosts, or a first freeze, they remove dying leaves from the rose bushes.

Then after the ground has frozen, usually after Thanksgiving, they wrap their rose bushes with protective layers of fleece material, and tie a rope (not too tight) around them.

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They also place straw from straw bales, around the minis and minifloras in their beds after the ground has frozen.

They receive no additional protection because minis are very hardy roses.

Some straw is also placed around hardy rose shrubs and hardy climbers that are also not otherwise protected.

Their Canadian Explorer Roses such as "John Cabot" and "Henry Kelsy" get no protection at all and do fine.

My friends also grow quite a few mini/minflora roses in 3-gallon pots on their patio.

These pots are placed on shelves in their unheated garage, when the temperature gets down to the mid 20's (Fahrenheit), usually after Thanksgiving.

They get a bit of water once a month until they are taken outdoors in spring.

Their winter protection experience has been positive and their rose losses have been very few if any.

So dear rose gardeners who garden in cold climates use these tips for preparing roses for winter in your own garden.


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