Pretty In Pink Rose Flower

Pretty Pink Roses

Pretty in Pink rose flower, is one of the very best of the pretty pink roses, and the best types of pink roses and pretty pink rose flowers to plant in your garden.

It's hard to find more beautiful roses than this variety of rose flowers. This absolutely gorgeous pretty pink rose bush has the most beautiful delicate pink rose petals you can imagine.

The rose flowers have a creamy white base that's laced with various pink colors of the softest kind. It's a very lovely rose flower color combination.

pretty in pink rose flower

'Pretty In Pink' rose flower

The medium, perfectly cupped blooms, appear in abundant clusters on vigorous stems. The attractive foilage is of a mid-green color. The rose flowers repeat bloom throughout summer and fall and they are very fragrant with an intense tea rose scent.

This pink rose bush is ideal for the front of the flower border or it is best used as ground-cover plant, because it is a low-growing rose bush with ground-hugging growth habit.

'Pretty in Pink' rose flower is remarkably resistant to disease and is easily propagated by budding or from cuttings. Zones 5-9, height 1 1/2 feet.


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