Problem with Knockout roses not blooming

by Roberta Nimmo
(Huntington WV)

My neighbor and I have different varieties of Knockouts...the yellow one and the rainbow are blooming somewhat, but since the first beautiful blush in spring when they were absolutely beautiful, they are just having a bloom here and there, maybe 3 blooms to a plant..we have a neighbor down the street who has the cherry knockoouts in a raised stone bed in front of her porch and they are blooming beautifully...we had the Japanese beetles in June and early July which tried to eat every bloom and some leaves...but we both tried the rose food plus we ordered a stressor liquid to add to each application of food, so what are we doing wrong that our knockouts aren't producing blooms? Thank you for any help you might be able to give us...our roses are in the open enough that they get good morning sun and afternoon sun also....

Hi Roberta,
The reason your Knockout roses aren't blooming well, could be soil pH related.
Here is my page about soil for roses.
There could also be a drainage problem. You mentioned your neighbor was growing their Knockout roses in a raised bed, which provides excellent drainage.
Roses don't like "wet feet", and drainage is very important.
They like regular deep watering, but don't like to stand in wet soil, that don't drain well.
So check the drainage situation.
Let me now if you need any more help.
Best Regards,
Annelie Piccino

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