Problems With Roses

by Debi
(Fort Lauderdale, Florida)

First, I really enjoy your website. This is my 1st visit but I will certainly return.

Question: After reading the answers to other questions, I seem have to a lot of issues with roses going on at one time.

I definitely have aphids, a small amount of black spot and now seem to have thrips!

At this point and time, I have very little leaves left on any of my roses, except, the Floribunda's.

I have used Safer 3 in 1, to really no avail.

Do you think I should just trim them back hard and restart, of course, being a lot more diligent with their care?
Thanking you in advance.

Answer: I am glad you enjoy my web site Debi! Your biggest problem is the thrip infestation. Thrips feed on many plants including grasses.

They multify rapidly and a large population can build up quickly.

In the future monitor your roses frequently, by shaking a damaged flower over a white paper.

Trips will appear as very tiny yellow brownish flecks moving across the paper.

Remove all damaged blooms and buds, and spray with an insecticide labeled Thrip Control

Keep areas around the roses clean of weeds, which are breeding grounds for thrips, who then move on to your roses.

Pruning time in Florida is done in January, or early February.

However, shrub roses, hybrid teas, and even floribundas benefit from a light pruning after each bloom flush, followed by some rose food, during the season.

Don't feed your roses after November 1st, you want to encourage them to dormant before rose pruning time.

Watering 3 times a week, will keep your roses healthy, and less likely to be infested with diseases.

Use the nozzle of your garden hose to knock off the aphids.

Blackspot is common in your region, but can be controlled.

Here is my page about black spot on roses.
Best Regards,

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