Problems With Wilting Roses


Hello Annelie,
I have a problem with brand new buds not opening, wilting and then dying. The rose NEVER gets erect it just hangs and wilts like you see in the picture. It never blooms open, it just dies. This is a new problem with this bush. It just started happening 40 days ago. It used to produce beautiful roses. Can you please tell me what the problem is? I live in Encinitas, CA in San Diego county. Please see the attached pictures.
Thank you,
Chris Fornaro
Hi Chris,
Are you the same person who e-mailed me directly?
But I will post an answer here so others can benefit from the information.
From the picture and from your information, I am pretty sure your rose is suffering from "Rose Balling".
It's a unique rose disease that affects the flowers and buds directly.
They simply wilt and die on the stem, never really fully open.
To read about Rose Balling go to may page about rose diseases and scroll down to the article and picture about Rose Balling.
Happy Day,
... Annelie

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