Propagating Roses From Cuttings

QUESTION: I have tried this year to propagate roses from cuttings.

I took old wood cuttings in the fall, dipped them in a rooting hormone, put them into sterile seeding mix and put plastic bottles over them to create the high humidity.

All of the cuttings grew new shoots within about two weeks and they had roots about 2 inches long.

I planted them into pots without disturbing the roots and continued to keep them moist and kept them in indirect light.

However, about a week after transplanting, they began to die--the new leaves wilted and dried and the actual cuttings turned brown.

DO you have any suggestions as to how to improve my propagation techniques.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Arlene Chapman
Trail, BC

ANSWER: Hi Arlene, Yes it can be tricky to grow roses from cuttings.

They requently suffer from die backs (wilting).

Here is my page about propagating roses with step by step instructions, and how to avoid wilting.
Hope this helps you out.
Best Regards,

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