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Proverb sayings, wise old gardening proverbs and quotes, and

proverbs about gardening. Here are Latin proverbs, as well as Italian proverbs, French proverbs, Spanish proverbs, Danish proverbs, German proverbs.

Even Native American proverbs and Bible study proverbs all about gardening, plants, flowers, fruits, vegetables and the earth.

Gardening proverbs and wise old sayings to inspire you in your garden and daily life.

Gardening Proverbs

proverb sayings

Italian Proverbs

  • Everything is good in its season

  • The gardeners foot does not spoil the garden

  • Call me not olive till you see me gathered

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    Latin Proverbs

  • The way of cultivation is not easy

  • Go to a pear tree for pears not an elm

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    French Proverbs

  • It is no jesting with edged tools

  • A melon and a woman are hard to know

  • Don't make a garden of your belly

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    Spanish Proverbs

  • Sow corn in clay and plant vines in sand

  • After stuffing pears within drink old wine til they swim

  • God gives almonds to some who have no teeth

  • All griefs with bread are less

  • proverb sayings

    Danish proverbs

  • However high a bird may soar it seeks its food on earth

  • The sky is not less blue because a blind man cannoy see it

  • Fine words butter no parsnips

  • proverb sayings

    German Proverbs

  • Five fingers hold more than two forks

  • The better the fruit the more wasps to eat it

  • proverb sayings

    Native American Proverbs

  • Pluck not where you never planted

  • Garlic is as good as ten mothers

  • Flowers beyond reach are sacred to God

  • proverb sayings

    Proverbs Bible Study

  • One generation passeth away and another generation cometh, but the earth abideth forever. Ecclesiastes 1:4

  • As you sow so will you reap. Galatians 6:7


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