Pruning and Care For Potted Roses

QUESTION: We have a Pink Knock Out Rose Plant that is still in the pot.

I want to plant it in the spring. Can I bring it inside and put it in a cool spot in the cellar.

Can I prune it now or wait and will I have to water it while it is inside.

Cumberland,Rhode Island

ANSWER: Hi Ronald! Yes you must bring it inside to a cool space.

If it's a cold garage, wrap it with protective material.

Be sure your cellar isn't too warm, because the rose will have trouble going into dormancy.

You might prune some brances off to be able to wrap it better. But no big pruning now.

A lot of pruning now, would encourage new growth, that would die during the winter, and might kill the rose.

You should keep your roses roots moist, and never let them dry out while in cold storage during this dormant time.
Best Regards,

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